on behalf of Scottish Local Authorities

The Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database (SFDAD)

The Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database (SFDAD) provides flood risk management practitioners with access to information on Flood Prevention Schemes and their associated defence assets within Scotland. SFDAD provides a record of where Flood defences exist, the level of protection provided and the general areas benefitting from these defences. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) hosts SFDAD on behalf of the Scottish Government and the Scottish Local Authorities. The information held is originated and owned by the Scottish Local Authorities who have given SEPA permission to hold and make available such information to Registered Users for the sole purpose of flood risk management.

Eligibility for Registration

Access to SFDAD technical information is available to named individuals from professional organisations who are flood risk management practitioners or from individuals who provide significant input to flood risk management activities in Scotland. Access is controlled by Username and Password management and is subject to acceptance of SEPA’s Terms and Conditions of use. Applications are authorised by SEPA who have discretion to grant or deny applications based on the information provided.

Application for Access

Should you wish to apply for registration please use the link below or see the Contact page for more details.

Email Address :sfdad@sepa.org.uk

I acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions for use.